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Haarausfall? Vielleicht liegt es am Stress…

hair loss? Maybe it's the stress...

It has long been medically proven that women and men are affected by hair loss for a wide variety of reasons. However, current, sensational studies show that extraordinary psychological stress such as stress can also lead to hair loss.

Stress hormones and hair loss

On average, each person loses about a hundred hairs a day. If this number is higher, however, the loss can no longer be compensated for by regrowing hair - sooner or later this must lead to baldness. There are multiple reasons for that. For example, diet, general fitness and a healthy hormone balance play a role in how long the head hair stays lush - and of course genetic factors. The fact that psychological stress can lead to increased hair loss, as is now gradually being scientifically confirmed, is another explanation for the fact that more and more people are struggling with thinning hair.

Everyday stress and constant pressure to succeed

Especially in times of increasing everyday hectic and increasing pressure to succeed in the workplace, many are exposed to increased stress. Not a few also have fears of failure. The result: hair loss, as a study on mice at the Berlin Chairté has shown. In the animals, it was observed how stress hormones shortened the hair growth phase. The good news: If the test animals were then administered a stress-relieving hormone, hair growth returned to normal.

Avoid stress

But it was not only growth that was affected by mental stress: Inflammation also occurred, which caused damage to the hair roots of the animals. Due to our genetically close relationship to the test mice, it can be assumed that humans also react to stress in a similar way. This means: If you want to keep your healthy, full hair for as long as possible, make sure that you are exposed to as little stress as possible. And if that's not possible, at least find ways to balance your mental stress and reduce the stress hormones in your body as much as possible.

Mental overload can lead to hair loss

Especially in men, circular hair loss is often due to this phenomenon. This form of hair loss usually occurs between the ages of 20 and 40 - an age at which one is often confronted with major professional challenges for the first time. This can have an impact on the health of the hair, especially when it is a matter of constant stress. At this age, many people also have the problem of not being able to express themselves properly emotionally. In other words, they cannot reduce the burden of increased communication. Fear of loss can also contribute to mental overload, which causes the hair on your head to dwindle.

So if you suffer from hair loss at a relatively young age, it can be due to your overall mental state. Fortunately, something can be done about it. Manage your fears and avoid stress. Your hair will thank you.

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