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Hair Fullness Shampoo, 100ml

Hair Fullness Shampoo, 100ml

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Panthrix Hair Fullness Shampoo is the answer to a drained scalp and tired-looking hair. Easy to use, tried and tested formulation, natural, harmless ingredients.

Sustainable care: Caffeine from the tea plant, black oats and lecithin provide your hair with important nutrients and ensure irresistibly supple hair.

Refreshing scent: Start every day with the tart, fresh scent of juicy grapefruit and get your morning energy kick.

Easy to use: You simply use Panthrix Hair Fullness Shampoo instead of your normal shampoo.

Hormone-free and dermatologically tested: no hormones, no compromises. Our shampoo is dermatologically tested and also suitable for daily use.

Give your hair back its old strength and provide your scalp and hair with valuable nutrients. The Panthrix Hair Fullness Shampoo is the optimal complement to our hair growth activator. For vitality that you can see and suppleness that you can feel.

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Use the Panthrix Shampoo just like your normal hair care routine and massage a small amount into wet hair in the shower. After a short exposure time, you can rinse your hair with clean water and style your hair as usual.

The best ingredients for well-groomed hair

Hair care is easy – and effective – with Panthrix. In addition to the revitalizing scent of grapefruit, you care for your hair with a unique formulation based on high-quality ingredients.

Black Oats penetrates every hair fiber, strengthens it from the inside out and gives your hair vitality and suppleness.
Lecithin wraps around each strand of hair like a protective coat, provides intensive moisture and revitalizes your hair from root to tip, for supple and healthy-looking hair.
An extract from the leaves of the tea plant stimulates the scalp thanks to the caffeine it contains.
Additional care is provided by Panthenol and Niacinamide, which are also two of the most effective ingredients in skin care.

The best part? Our formula is 100 percent hormone-free and dermatologically tested.

Ready for real change? Experience the power of the Panthrix hair growth shampoo and give your hair the care it needs.