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Panthrix Care Set

Panthrix Care Set

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Hair fullness shampoo + activator for growth and vitality from the scalp to the tips

Clinically tested formulation: Simply effective - no complicated care lines, no questionable hormones. You can therefore easily use the shampoo and activator every day.

Patented active ingredients: Redensyl is more than twice as effective as Modafinil and has been proven to stimulate hair growth - guaranteed harmless and without hormones.

Easy to use: Use shampoo to wash and then massage the activator into the scalp. In 6-10 weeks you will see, feel and experience the difference!

Save money: Get the powerhouse for full, vital hair and get a 15 percent discount on both products.

Test without risk: We know what you can achieve with Panthrix, so if you don't see a positive result after 150 days, we will refund you 100% of the purchase price.

After 6 to 10 weeks, the ingredients will take effect and you will not only see the first results on your head, but also feel them.

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You can easily integrate Panthrix products into your care routine.

STEP 1: Use the shampoo as usual in the shower by massaging a small amount into wet hair, letting it work briefly and then washing it out again.

STEP 2: After showering, apply about 5-6 pumps of the activator to your scalp and massage it in thoroughly. You can then style your hair as usual - no rinsing necessary!

The powerhouse for fuller, thicker hair

The shampoo strengthens every hair from root to tip with black oats and lecitihin, ensures a supple shine and gives you a tart, fresh grapefruit scent.

The Panthrix Activator feeds your scalp with nutrients and, thanks to its formulation with caffeine and creatine, stimulates the hair follicles so that they produce new hair like a power plant.

Panthrix: For effective hair care without stress

After just 2-4 weeks, your scalp is used to the active ingredient and puts your hair follicles into peak performance mode. After an average of 6-10 weeks you will feel and see the difference: more volume, more density, more power. Depending on your genetic prerequisites and your lifestyle, this process can take a little longer. Ideally, continue the treatment for 3 months. Thanks to our money-back guarantee, there is no risk for you.

Experience the feeling of full, strong hair that fills you with self-confidence. With the Panthrix hair growth bundle you can achieve your goals on your head - just like in life.