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Haarausfall - die 5 größten Mythen

Hair loss - the 5 biggest myths

On average, every person loses 60 to 100 hairs a day. However, if this number increases, hair loss can become a major burden for both women and men. For many, hair loss is not just an aesthetic problem, the exact reasons for this are often a mystery. Because increased hair loss can have many causes. But which factors actually contribute to a less lush head of hair and which do not? We have collected the 5 biggest myths about hair loss.


1. Stress as a reason for hair loss

Stress is often cited as a possible reason for increased hair loss. Conditionally this can also be true. If you are very stressed, you release more hormones. This in turn can cause the hair follicles to become inflamed and hair growth to be restricted. If the stress is reduced, hair growth accelerates again. Classic, permanent hair loss is not necessarily the case here.


2. Hat wearers are more at risk of balding 

It is said that if you regularly wear a hat, cap or cap, you lose your hair more quickly because it is permanently supplied with too little oxygen and the hair falls out more easily due to the constant friction. That's just plain wrong. For such a scenario, the hair would actually have to be constricted permanently and with a lot of pressure.


3. Too much sun causes hair to fall out 

If you constantly expose your hair to strong sunlight, the UV rays can have negative consequences in the long run, but they do not promote hair loss. However, it is true that prolonged exposure to too much sun can dry out hair faster, making it look more brittle.


4. Frequent hair washing and brushing encourage baldness

Incorrect. Washing your hair frequently - as well as exposure to the sun - can lead to the hair and scalp becoming drier and scaly. However, the washing process itself has nothing to do with increased balding, which is mostly genetic. Frequent brushing of the hair does not harm either, because only the already dead hair falls off anyway. When drying your hair, however, it doesn't hurt to be a little gentler and gently wring out your hair after washing than to towel it too hard. 


5. Hair ties damage hair 

Hair ties are actually not the healthiest thing for your hair in the long run. They promote the breaking of the hair, as it is extremely squeezed. A very tight hair knot also ensures a strong pull on the hair roots. An alternative to normal hair ties are, for example, spiral-shaped Invisibobble hair ties, which deform the hair less. 

Hair loss can thus be additionally promoted by individual circumstances and habits, but correct and permanent hair loss is mostly genetic. In case of doubt, however, it can of course not hurt to reduce individual stress factors for the hair in order to enjoy a healthy and well-groomed head of hair in the long term.

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