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 Haarausfall bei Männern

One meeting after the other, trouble with the boss and then getting stuck in traffic even though the son has to go to soccer practice:   

Men are exposed to a variety of stresses in everyday life, which can quickly throw a balanced lifestyle out of balance. If there is also an unbalanced diet, the use of certain medications or the genetic condition, it can quickly lead to more hair falling out.

Men also perceive hair loss as a crisis, threatening and psychologically stressful. As the top of the head thins out, the question often arises: should we act effectively against hair loss or should we rather shave the rest of the hair completely?

  • 40% of all men over the age of 35 suffer from visible hair loss
  • 65% of all men over the age of 65 suffer from visible hair loss

Because not everyone likes going bald, hair transplantation is very expensive and does not always produce the desired, natural results, many men feel left alone with the problem of progressive hair loss. Many of those affected also shy away from using hair restorers, which have a negative effect on the hormone balance. However, an unsuccessful search for a gentle but effective method does not always have to result in a complete shave or a hair transplant.


Panthrix - gentle, effective and easy to use

The hair growth activator Panthrix with the award-winning active ingredient Redensyl is a discreet, gentle and effective solution to support natural hair growth without affecting the hormone balance. The practical dosage form, the fine and fresh fragrance and the excellent compatibility ensure a pleasant application without leaving greasy residues. Gently massage into the scalp so that the active ingredients can develop fully. The hair can then be styled as usual.