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Haarausfall bei Frauen

Many women not only associate a flawless appearance with beautiful skin and sparkling white teeth, but also with full, thick, shiny and well-groomed hair. Full hair and a type-appropriate, perfectly styled hairstyle not only give the face a very special frame, but also form a large part of our identity. But what if the beloved hair falls out?


Hair loss from aggressive styling

Many women love to try new looks on a regular basis. Frequent changes in hair color and the use of extensions, perms or other chemical treatments bring variety to everyday styling, but they can put a lot of strain on the hair. It is often the combination of high heat and beauty tools that leads to hair breakage and hair loss. In order to be able to enjoy a full mane in the long term, it is therefore advisable to refrain from aggressive treatments, to do without everyday beauty helpers from time to time and to let the hair dry in the air more often. Tip: In order to prevent hair breakage, only high-quality and gentle utensils, such as hairbrushes with natural bristles, should be used for care.


hair loss from stress

Time pressure until the next deadline, trouble with colleagues and after work making invitations for the next children's birthday party:

The many challenges of everyday life can upset your inner balance. Many women often notice increased hair loss in particularly stressful phases. If you then add a one-sided, nutrient-poor diet or even extreme diets, the use of certain medications and fluctuations in hormone levels, it is possible that the hair will become increasingly thin and the first bald spots will appear. In women, hair often becomes visibly thinner along the middle parting. A change in lifestyle with enough rest, exercise and a nutritious diet makes sense. However, only a specialist can determine the exact cause of stubborn hair loss.


Genetic hair loss during menopause

Menopause occurs around the age of 50. During the menopause, technically correctly called the climacteric, the body prepares for the hormonal decline. With the onset of menopause, the ovaries gradually reduce their hormone production, hormone levels drop and the ovaries produce less estrogen and progesterone. The consequences are hormonal fluctuations, which not only result in hot flashes, sleep disorders and dry skin. It is not uncommon for the hair roots to react hypersensitively to male hormones during the menopause, the normal growth phase of the hair is then shortened, while the resting phase is lengthened. This hypersensitivity of the hair root to male hormones is genetically determined and varies from woman to woman. Menopause may be over at some point, but hair loss usually does not go away on its own. In this phase, many women are therefore longing for an uncomplicated, gentle and discreet solution that not only takes little time, but can also be easily integrated into their daily beauty routine.


Panthrix - gentle, discreet and effective

The hair growth activator Panthrix with the award-winning active ingredient Redensyl supports natural hair growth without affecting the hormone balance. Panthrix is a discreet, gentle and practical solution to unlock the potential of beautiful hair. The light tonic smells fine and fresh. Since it leaves no greasy or sticky residue, you can then style as usual.